This is a record of the discussions

open ended questions:
-if you donnot like the answer, ask for more suggestions
-write down all the answers, discuss the answers
-give an assignment to the question
-single out answers
-send the students to the library.

These suggestion very helpful to me, in subsequent teaching, I will try to use these suggestion!


 Today,learn digital video to manufacture,manufactured a video according to stotyboard of yesterday!

The professor take our group to go out to clap many outdoor scenes in the morning,come back in the afternoon manufacture Video.

By today’s making,learnt to use storyboard to complete 1 small process a video manufactured,knew some skills the video manufactured.


This morning watched digital story of every group,think every group is done very well ,teacher’s point judges and equal to .

From in these words,it is every to be able to see .technology exercises,may say they and grasp some basic digital manufacture the techonlogy .In the back study,I need with the schoolmates mutually many  communication,study mutually.


My young schoolmate


Today very glad hear Helge professor give a lecture,the logarithm had the furt her knownledge again according to knowledge of digital sorty.
Happier is to introduce our project to erverybody and show our students words.through spread this time,let everybody have the tentative knownledge to beautiful island in Hainan ,hope erverbody come to Hainan,deep impressinon is here beauty.
In the afternoon,And my team members together to create a digital stroy works.


Brief introduction from Hainan Province

we chose two classes of students from two schools to do this project,one is a class in Junior Grade Two in No. 10 Secondary School in Haikou, the other one is a Class in Junior Grade One in Eight One secondary school in Sanya. Each class has about 60 students. The whole project lasted for about 2 months, from April till the end of May. We have finished 17 works altogether.

The biggest problem we were facing is that both the teachers and the students were quite busy at school. It was hard for them to find time. But luckily, they finally managed it.

The teachers have known more about storytelling and tried their best to erouse the students’ interest. They organized the students to do group work. And they finished the project on time.
The students have also learned a lot. They learned how to use some digital devices such as DV, DC , Cell phone, voice recorder and PC, etc., how to look up and analyze information on the Internet, and how to make a digital story by using Photoshop or Photostory. And they improved their English.
According to the feedback, this project has already achieved its goal. We hope that this project will continue so that more teachers and students will be benefitted.

Skateboarding(In return home to take on the photo)


Classroom photos


This Classroom photos.